• Stages of Heart Set


    This set is a great display piece that helps people understand how much work goes into our product making process. The heart starts as a hunk of rock. Then it is carved using a machete, chiseled into shape using simple hand tools, sanded until smooth, then dyed, and etched.

  • Mind Over Matter Dish


    Keep yourself motivated with this clever dish on your desk. Perfect for paperclips, keys, or change.

  • It’s Written in Stone Paperweight


    You mean what you say and this paperweight proves it!

  • Think Outside the Box


    Not everyone understands this box, but it causes quite a chuckle when they do. An office cliché turned into office decor.

  • Giraffe – SALE


    These colorful giraffes are a fair trade product handmade in Kenya. They are hand carved out of stone, sanded until smooth, and dyed. Then an artisan uses a knife to etch the patterns into each giraffe.

    Sold individually. The sale giraffes are only available in pale blue and pink and will come assorted.

  • Artist Cards


    Wholesale Customers: We send a small stack of cards for free with each order. Please add any additional cards you might need to your order from this page. Or feel free to order cards in between product orders if you run out.